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Online Personal Training for As Little As  $1.33 Per Day

The difference between try and triumph is a little umph. JerseyFit is the umph you need!


JerseyFit Online Fitness Platform


Custom Workouts


Mobile Workouts


JerseyFit Mobile Site

No matter where you go, we are there to keep you on the fast track to your six pack. Our mobile site and app give you options you’ve never even dreamed about. With the ability to report your workouts, view your progress, track your rest between sets, etc. your smart phone just got smarter.


JerseyFit Calendar

Your Calendar



Instead of following your calendar, our calendar follows you. Keeping track of your workouts and body stats, your fitness is mapped out on your fitness calendar. Whether you have a trip scheduled, lost your gym membership, or maybe have a get-sexy-by deadline, your workout schedule will reflect your lifestyle.

World's Largest Exercise Library


JerseyFit Animated Exercise Demonstration

Our library of exercises is so extensive, your trainer has practically unlimited variations for your workouts. No matter what equipment you do or don’t have, we will make your workout work for you.

Total Motivation

You alone have to choose the path to take, but you don’t need to travel that path alone.


JerseyFit Motivation Coach

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Face it, your life is not as exciting as it is on Facebook. That’s why we are making you healthier, sexier, and cooler on Facebook and Twitter! Link up your social media sites to automatically show your friends how much you are progressing. Not to mention, the next time you update your profile picture, they’ll definitely notice.

See Real-Time Progress


That which is measured is improved. It’s that simple. That’s why after every workout your progress is automatically calculated to show you how great you are! Your trainer will also be able to view your progress to keep you on the path to complete fitness.

Mobile Workout Progress on JerseyFit

Ultimate Progress Tracking


Our platform has integrated with Withings to bring you an unparalleled way to track your overall fitness. This wifi scale doesn’t only show you your weight, but also your body fat percentage, heart rate, and even the air quality of your room! The best part is that your weight and body fat % is automatically uploaded to your fitness calendar. Pure genius.

Withings Scale

JerseyFit trainers don’t just instruct you, they guide you.


JerseyFit Sports Trainer
JerseyFit Adult Fitness Instructor
JerseyFit Women's Fitness Specialist

Expert Guidance


International Sports Sciences Association
National Academy of Sports Medicine
American College of Sports Medicine
American Council on Exercise

Certified by the Best


All of our trainers are certified, and experts in various areas of the fitness world. We choose one trainer that best fits you, and that trainer will be available for unlimited email support (not relationship support) and will be able to switch up your program any time you want. Not only do you get the expertise of one trainer, but our team of online personal trainers can offer their specialty to your program, leaving you with a truly effective, truly JerseyFit program!


Expert Nutrition Advice


Nutrition is what helps every athlete maximize their potential. Whether you are looking to burn through your love handles, or build up your biceps; your diet will get you there faster. That’s why all JerseyFit trainers are Certified Nutrition Specialists. They will provide you with knowledge and advice that will help guide you into the world of optimum nutrition and out of the world of nutrition confusion.

Personal Training at the Perfect Price

Training with us can save you over 90% verses an in-gym trainer!

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Custom Workout Program

Certified Trainer Guidance

Unlimited Email Support

Mobile Access

And Features Listed Below




By clicking "sign up" you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions.

By clicking "sign up" you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions.

By clicking "sign up" you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions.

Custom Workout Program

Certified Trainer Guidance

Unlimited Email Support

Mobile Access

And Features Listed Below

Custom Workout Program

Certified Trainer Guidance

Unlimited Email Support

Mobile Access

And Features Listed Below

Features Included in All Plans




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- Program Update Notifications

- Trainer-Client Messaging

- Connect to Your Facebook

- Connect to Your Twitter

- See Recent Updates and Activity

- View Upcoming Workouts

- Print Workouts in Unlimited Formats

- Workout Notifications

- Iphone App

- Android App (pending release)






- Track Body Weight

- Track Body Fat %

- Track BMI

- Track Lean Body Mass

- Track All Body Measurements

- Track Exercise Strength

- Track Exercise Endurance

- Upload Progress Photos




- Cutting-Edge Mobile Site

- Add Workouts to Schedule

- Report Workout Results

- Compare Workout Results Instantly

- Custom Workouts

- Personalized Dietary Recommendations

- Automatically Calculate BMI

- Workout Calendar

 - Upload Body Stats with Withings Scale





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